For Ordering of items please call (540) 372.4030

At Eileen’s Bakery & Cafe all pastries are made daily on premise with the freshest ingredients. Our English Muffins, Croissants & Puff Pastry are mixed, rolled, assembled & baked on premise before dawn. Platters are available. Our breakfast sandwiches are made fresh every morning at the crack of dawn. When the sandwiches are gone from the case they are gone until the next morning. We sell out fast as our breakfast selection is tasty. Please note selections are subject to change based upon availability. You may always call ahead to “reserve” an item!

Our selection of breads presented everyday is kneaded, proofed and baked until golden. Eileen’s also uses this bread for their selection of daily sandwiches. Many of our loaves are made with unbleached flour and corn oil to adapt to a wider variety of diets. A few of our breads not presented on a daily basis may be ordered a day in advance. All breads are also available as rolls or baguettes.

“Vegetarians” are Welcome! We offer salad trio plates, ANY salad may be placed in a sandwich bread, lettuce or tortilla wrap. A few of our breads are Vegan, please inquire.

Our Bread selections change on a daily basis for most “case sandwiches”. Any sandwich may be made with the bread of your choice* using our “Build Your Own” section of our sandwich menu. Eileen’s offers “Featured” Case Sandwiches which change on a weekly basis. Our Daily Option of case sandwiches are the sandwiches that we have on hand at all times. Many of these items will be in our deli case, but everything can be made custom. For years Eileen has made her salad dressing and garlic dressing from scratch. In addition Eileen’s curry and creole dry rub spices are also blended in house. These dry rubs are lightly cooked to extenuate the flavors, then blended with a variety of dressings used daily.

Sandwiches can be ordered as individual, in combos, bag lunch, box lunch and platters. Delivery is available to Fredericksburg with a days notice.

A vegetarian or vegan option is available daily. Any of our salads in the case can be made into a sandwich or lettuce wrap. Our white bread, baguette, and multi grain are vegan friendly and have been since Eileen’s opened her door to Fredericksburg. Many of our specialty breads are also vegan friendly. Please drop us a line and inquire about the daily selection. We enjoy our custom VEGAN Sandwiches. Hot or cold we have a few combinations that are delicious.

Eileen’s offers a variety of Lunch Combinations so you can choose the option you would like or you may choose to have a sandwich or salad option only. It is entirely up to you. Our lunch combinations are:

  1.  Half Sandwich + Salad or Soup
  2. *Scoop Salad + Small Salad
  3. Full Sandwich + Salad or Soup
  4. Salad Trio (ANY 3 combinations of our salads)
  5. Small Salad + Soup

*Please note that our breads change daily and we use our breads to make our case sandwiches so NOT all bread options may be available that are in the case for a Build Your Own Sandwich. Typically it is just the bread we have available to purchase as a loaf that day. Scoop Salad is a choice of egg salad, chicken salad, curried chicken salad or tuna salad. Scoop Salad may vary depending upon availability.

Orders of 10 items or more please place the order the day before. Orders of 15 items or more place the order a full 24 hours in advance.