The Birth of Sweet Potato Salad

Nestled high in the Colorado mountains is a small town called Buena Vista. Population tiny! This town was also a pass-through for the Wells Fargo stagecoach, also known for their Hot Springs closer to the mountain range and last but not least there sweet potato potato salad. I lived in Vail and was passing through town to go kayaking when I happen stop at a small diner which seated about 12 people. Much to my surprise I was served this beautiful sweet-potato potato salad that caught me off guard. The sweet potatoes had been diced and roasted. It had beautiful pieces of cranberry and sweet red onion tossed in a light vinaigrette. It was so good I decided to keep the idea with me and brought it to Eileen’s.
It’s typically one of our fall and winter salads. My crew comes in early and chops the sweet potatoes for the day (please remember that chopping sweet potatoes is like chopping concrete) roasts them until there golden and tosses them in our house vinaigrette. We usually have it displayed from October to January. A man happened to walk in one morning who was staying at the Marriott (Fredericksburg) for a few days. I was explaining the variety salads, which ones I thought were the most delicious. the sweet potato salad o’course was one of them. I explained the method in which it was made, how much we loved serving it and the story of where it came from.
“Well shave my head and put me in a cork dress” that man was from the same town as the salad. We’re talking a tiny town, in the middle of the Rockies, far from anyone and he walked in the my restaurant for the weekend.
Goes to show this world is quite small at times. He got the salad and gifted me his Buena Vista hat.

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Eileen’s Kitchen Juicer

The Good Grips Citrus Hand Juicer from “OXO” is one of my favorite kitchen toys. My gadgets and gizmos need to hold up to my daily torment and abuse. This little beast had me at hello.
… Easy to hold with small rubber handle
… Easy to wash
… Adapts to large or small fruit
… Juicer attachment allows for maximum amount of juice.

Some seeds get through but that’s not a battle I choose to complain about.
I thought this was worth sharing. Enjoy your juicing!!

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